5 uses for a Cool Clutch MANBAG for the stylish dad in your life this Father's Day
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5 uses for a Cool Clutch MANBAG for the stylish dad in your life this Father's Day

5 uses for a Cool Clutch MANBAG for the stylish dad in your life this Father’s Day

Manbags are so ‘in’ right now, gaining popularity all over the world and are here to stay. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reported that the sales of men’s luxury bags leapt an amazing 47% in 2014! Even better, our Man Bags in signature Cool Clutch style have cooler pockets to keep your cool things, well cool! Still not convinced? Here are our 5 amazing uses for a Manbag, perfect for your stylish dad, so ditch the socks and read on!


  1. Laptop / iPad

The stylish dad of course needs his laptop or iPad with him.  A laptop bag (aka messenger bag), or as we like to call it, the modern-day briefcase, has many functions ~ not only carrying laptops, but also room for notes, wallet, keys, protein bars etc. Even better, our Sam Satchel fits 99% of laptop sizes, plus has room for a patented removable cooler to carry any food and drink, without worrying if the condensation from your lunch or cool drink will damage your precious mobile technology. Is there anything sexier than a man carrying his stylish messenger bag?!

Sam Satchel (Black) Cool Carry


  1. Lunch for work Bag (aka reduce the waistline bag)

If you are like me, then you probably only noticed the second part of that title… ‘reduce the waistline’. Those dreaded three little words! What better way to help the stylish man in your life achieve this, than taking his own lunch to work / sport / picnics / you name it! Not only help reduce the waistline, but save a few extra dollars too. Both of our Manbags, the Sam and the Alex have plenty of room in the removable cooler pocket for food and drink all day long!


  1. Sports Bag

Any man who has ever stepped foot inside a locker-room will understand the importance of a good sports bag and specifically, different pockets (smelly socks + protein shaker = awful combination!). Sports bags are a stylish dad’s essential and our Alex backpack has of course the patented insulated cooler pocket to house both your pre and post workout meals, but also plenty of pockets for your gym clothes, towel and music device!

Alex (Black) Cool Backpack


  1. Medicine and milk!

Maybe not the most glamorous use for a bag, but for many, is essential. Some medications need to be carried at all times, especially in cooler temperatures. But if the dad in your life is a new dad, the Man Bag is perfect for popping in the baby milk for the next day out at the park.


  1. Superpowers!

How does a stylish dad expect to save the world, look after his family and cook dinner all without his super cool Man Bag! Luckily our Cool Clutch Man Bags have plenty of hidden pockets, keeping all your gadgets and tools hidden to help fight evil and be the Super Dad your kids know you are!


So there you have it ~ Manbags! Why not treat your dad this Father’s Day?

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