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Polly Cool Clutch (Black) Vegan Leather Cooler Insert

Polly Pocket is a very practical girl. She is a generous size and can fit 3 bottles of wine, so could also easily accommodate a large lunch.

So many of our customers asked us to bring out a range of cooler pockets so they could benefit from this amazingly useful feature whilst using their own handbag.

And here they are: the Pocket Sisters. There are different sizes and exterior materials to cater for any tastes or requirements. All have D rings so you can turn your pockets into a handy handbag with any of our removable shoulder straps that are available online.

With an interior of waterproof aluminum foil, these pockets have 8 mm insulation lining to ensure they keep their contents cool or warm for as long as possible.

Other possible uses;

  • Discreetly carry your lunch to work
  • Stylishly store your frozen lunch on the way to work and be easily removed to pop into the freezer
  • Keep a bottle of wine cool until you get to your BYO restaurant or event
  • Pop in cheese and wine for your next picnic
  • Store expressed breast milk before you leave home so that it is still warm when you get to the shops and have to feed your baby
  • Keep your makeup from melting
  • Keep your bottle of soft drink or water cool on a hot day
  • Carry medication discreetly and stylishly
  • Keep your mobile phone from getting too hot

Weight: 390.00 g
Product Size: 35cm W x 12cm D x 24cm H (13.8" W x 4.7" D x 9.4" H)
Shoulder Strap: Removable and adjustable from 90cm (35.4") to 150cm (59") Black Webbing 3cm (1.2") wide with branded vegan leather end and silver clips
Removable Cooler Pocket: No
Cool Time: Depending on ambient temperature. Between 4 hours and 8 hours
Cooler Handbag Interior: Aluminium foil with 8mm insulation
Exterior Material: Vegan Leather
Exterior Pocket: Yes with zip closure. 18cm wide. 16cm deep
Hardware: Silver
Interior Material: Aluminium foil
Interior Pocket: No

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