Are You Prepared for The Party Season?
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Are You Prepared for The Party Season?

Are You Prepared for The Party Season?

Every year, about this time, when the sun lingers a little longer in the afternoon and we begin to leave our scarves and beanies at home, the scent of Christmas festivities wafts past our noses and we come to a sudden realisation – Party season is upon us!

Yep, it’s here again. The time of year when we leave the house at 7am and don’t stumble home till past midnight. When impromptu office drinks turn into amazing Summer parties to remember and weekends never seem long enough. When work Christmas get-togethers blur the lines between boss and employee, and someone always wakes up wishing the night had never happened. It’s fun, it’s exhausting and it’s expensive, but it’s oh-so-worth it, right?

Want to make it through the next month with your skin, your wallet and your dignity intact? Hold on to your hat and check out our key survival tips for making it through the festive season in one piece –


Right, Christmas is expensive at the best of times, even without throwing in the added of cost of office Secret Santa’s, overpriced cocktails and last minute meals out. We get it.

Our simple tip – BYO. Uh-huh, you read right. Bring your own!

While you can’t exactly turn up to a restaurant with your own Pad Thai neatly nestled in your Tupperware container, you can certainly bring along your own chilled bottle or cask of wine (you can see how courtesy of Joy below) to your next dinner date. Try taking your leftovers to work in your insulated Cool Clutch for lunch to offset the cost of the late night bar snacks you’ll be buying. Saving $5 here and there by bringing your own coffee adds up quickly, and can help you to accommodate the added expenses associated with party season by helping your weekly wage stretch that little bit further. Take a look at your work week and see where you can slot in some BYO’s with the help of your Cool Clutch – you’ll be saving yourself oodles and will look cute-to-boot.



We hate to tell you, but your mum was right (isn’t she always?!). You need to get your 8 hours of sleep every single night. Not only will your skin, your mind and your mood be top notch in the morning, you’ll find you have the energy and stamina to tackle the entire week + the weekend without suffering those dreaded mid-afternoon crashes. If you have a late night, make sure you can crawl in between the sheets an hour earlier the next night to make up for it, your future self will thank you! Promise!


Drinking plenty of water throughout December is crucial. 8 glasses a day – non-negotiable. It’s Summer, it’s hot, you are probably dehydrated as we speak. Add a night out on the town to the mix, and your body is no doubt screaming for hydration. Slip a glass of mineral water in between drinks at your next Christmas party to aid in recovery in the morning, keep a chilled refillable bottle in your Milla Cool Clutch to stay hydrated throughout the day and up your intake of fluids on particularly hot or boozy days. Consider treating yourself to a hydrating facial or hair mask while you’re at it – you’ll look and feel a million dollars and will have more bounce in your step after dancing the night away. 



Your wardrobe is going to take a real beating this month. Summer fashion is always a welcomed change from Winter’s heavy coats and boots, but there are limited looks that can take you from your 9am board meeting right through to karaoke at your work do at the local pub after hours. Consider stripping back your options to leave only the items of clothing that can be paired with a good jacket, pair of heels and a great handbag to take your look from morning to night. Keep a spare outfit in your car or at the office for emergencies. Keep your makeup at hand and chilled in your Cool Clutch so that you can reapply a heavier look once you clock off. Invest in a great coloured bag that will match a variety of outfits so that you can carry all of your must-haves (think mascara, eye drops, cheeky bottle of Moscato and an emergency cash stash) with you discreetly in separate compartments. There is nothing worse than plucking a soggy snack out of a disorganised bag, or worse yet, a soggy phone, Eek!


No matter how hard you are planning on partying this Festive season, with a little planning and a great bag, you can make it through unscathed and still be the life of the party 😉

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