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Alyson Cool Clutch (Electric Blue) Cool Crossbody Clutch

Alyson can be spelt either with a Y or an I. Alyson with a Y is just slightly more unique and so suited the Alyson Cool Clutch because everything about our products are unique.

Alyson Cool Clutch is stunning Electric Blue and is super functional. With a removable cooler pocket that will keep things like a bottle of drink cool or your medication or makeup away from harmful heat.

The Alyson Crossbody Clutch has been designed for those ladies who love to travel. Whether you travel down the street or overseas the Alyson Cool Crossbody Clutch is a must have.


If travelling down the street then the Alyson Cool Crossbody Clutch can be a great little insulated lunch bag. This is especially useful for diabetics or ladies with children who always seem to be hungry. It will also keep your makeup from melting. We are being reminded, on a daily basis, to keep hydrated. This clutch has been made 26cm long so a 600ml bottle fits perfectly into the removable cooler pocket.


The cooler pocket can be removed to turn your Alyson Cool Crossbody Clutch into a great little evening bag. If you are anything like me, I hate spoiling a clutch with a makeup explosion. With the Alyson Cool Crossbody Clutch the cooler pocket can be wiped out or put in the washing machine. It will also keep your lipstick from melting on a balmy night!