How to Shop for your Perfect Work Bag | Introducing the Laptop Handbag
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How to Shop for your Perfect Work Bag | Introducing the Laptop Handbag

How to Shop for Your Perfect Work Bag

We spend a lot of time at work. I mean A LOT! And there is absolutely no reason not to feel good about your total look while you are there. But here’s the catch, it can feel near on impossible to find the perfect work bag to accompany your corporate attire that looks good and keeps you organised.

So here are our top tips to choosing your perfect work bag that will see you owning your day, in more ways than one and some fabulous feedback from our happy customer, the lovely Jacki Mitchell, NeuroBranding Authority, Radio Host and Business Strategist with a bag named after her;

“I love that my bag alter ego fits all my business bits when I’m on the move. It even fits under the seat on the plane, so no need to have to put it in the overhead locker, or for a second carry on – efficient travelling = handbag, briefcase, cooler, laptop bag in one.”


 Jacki Mitchell sporting the ‘Jacki’ laptop handbag 

Scouts Honour

The main criteria to selecting your new perfect work bag for 2018 is to ‘be prepared’. Yup, you should map out everything you’ll need to be prepared at all times. Write a list of all the items you currently keep in your work bag and try to stay as realistic as possible… You may not feel that your makeup bag is an essential item to carry around with you all day, but throw a couple of meetings, a lunch with your manager and the occasional drink after work with colleagues into the mix, and you might reconsider its place in your daily regime. Being prepared at work means being organised before you even leave your front door, and the right bag should be able to cater for your computer, your lunch and your wardrobe at a moment’s notice.

Size DOES Matter

The sheer volume of what needs to be carted back and forth to work each day should earn us all a medal. Laptops, notes and diaries, lunch and a drink bottle, purse and phone… for many, the list is endless. Even if you regularly pack light for work, consider how you’ll carry your scarf and umbrella during the cooler months, or your Friday after-work bottle of plonk incognito. Choose a bag with sturdy sides to avoid it looking like it’s busting at the seams, and plenty of pockets to accommodate all of your must-haves in easy access places.

Choose Your Hue

Chances are you don’t plan on changing out your work bag throughout the week, so choosing a colour that suits both your personality and wardrobe is essential when considering your new bag. If you tend to wear lots of black and solid, neutral shades, pick a block colour that will compliment the majority of your outfits. If you love a little bit of glitz and glam, don’t be frightened to opt for something a little more fun and flirty. If you really aren’t sure what colour will work best, try to whittle down your top three favourites, pull out your go-to ‘meeting’ frock, and consider which one will work best for that look. And if all else fails, treat yourself to a plethora of colours to match your mood of the day!


Cold Shoulder

There is no doubting that we women tend to multi-task at all points of the day. Your new bag should ensure that this is possible at all times. Opt for a bag with a shoulder strap so that you can whip everything up on to your shoulder, avoiding the need to juggle your laptop, coffee and opal card on the mad dash to the train. Alternately, handles are lovely when you get the chance to stroll into the office, when you head out for a coffee or walk in to a meeting. Choosing a bag that offers both handles and a shoulder strap leaves you free to feel comfortable, while looking the part.



Consider Your Lining

Some heavy linings can add unwanted weight to your perfect work bag, causing aching shoulders and back after a long day at the office. Try to opt for a light weight lining that works for you – our patented insulated cooler lining will keep your laptop dry, your lunch cold, and your makeup hygienic, and it will wipe clean in a heartbeat. Removable pockets are an absolutely must.


Material Girl

While leather is definitely a classic and sturdy material, it can also eat into your hard earned pay check. Opt for a good quality faux or vegan leather that will still look gorgeous and last the test of time, at a fraction of the price.




Whether you are full time, part time, on your feet or at your desk, there is no excuse for not donning a gorgeous, practical and eye-catching bag on your shoulder at work this year. Remember these key tips for choosing your perfect work bag, or save time and check out our brand new Ladies Cool Laptop Handbags, which tick all the boxes, and will leave you looking glam, feeling organised and ready to take on anything! Our removable insulated cooler pocket is perfect as an insulated lunch bag but the Brooke Cool Clutch is so much more.

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