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A laptop fits perfectly into the Belinda Cool ClutchA laptop fits perfectly into the Belinda Cool Clutch

Belinda Cool Clutch Cool Shoulder Handbag


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Bah..bah…bah Belinda, you are Bah…bah….bah…beautiful!
That is exactly what I said when I first set eyes on our Belinda. I don’t usually have a stutter but she just took my breath away and made me quite speechless. Yes, I know what you’re all thinking but yes, there are times when I’m speechless. With her stunning Leopard pattern in sexy grey hues the Belinda was more beautiful in real life than on paper when I designed her.

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Hooray the Belinda Cool Clutch is here!

A long anticipated addition to the Cool Clutch range is a shoulder handbag and we can assure you that the wait has been worth it.

Available in only 2 styles, the Belinda Cool Clutch and Michelle Cool Clutch will be hard to choose between, so just buy both.

The interior of both these little beauties are as unusual as they are. Michelle with a gold coloured interior and Belinda with a stunning silver grey. These interiors just stand out to finish 2 very special sisters. With 2 open pockets and a zipped side pocket there are plenty of places to pack your bits and pieces.

With a removable cooler pocket so big it can hold not 2 but 3 bottles of wine this handbag, you can imagine what else you can use this Cool Clutch to carry. Whether you want to carry your lunch, medication, umbrella or secret alcohol stash you and your Cool Shoulder Handbag will soon because inseparable.

Other possible uses;

  • Keep your lunch, work documentation and laptop separate
  • No more spoilt handbags by kids sticky lollies
  • Carry 3 bottles of wine and keep them cool
  • Great size for a stylish nappy bag
  • Keep your make-up from melting
  • Pop in a wet foldable umbrella for storage during your visit and easy access when you leave
  • Carry medication discreetly and stylishly

About Cool Clutch

Australian owned and operated Cool Clutch is a multi-award winning family business. Cool Clutch have combined a beautiful handbag with a cooler bag. Whether carrying medication, makeup or wine, the innovative Cool Clutch range have a stylish handbag for every occasion. See other styles here

Operating online since March 2016, the Cool Clutch Cooler Handbag is a beautiful stylish handbag that holds your normal handbag contents, however in addition every handbag has an element of cooler bag insulation turning it from just a handbag into a Cooler Handbag. A handbag that can keep your wine or water cool and your makeup or lipstick from melting and also assist those that need to keep medication within a certain temperature range.
Some of our Cool Clutch range has an innovative removable insulated cooler pocket, which has been patented so do not expect to be able to buy this product for anywhere else in the world.

Weight 770 g
Dimensions 43 × 16 × 29 cm



Black & White

Cool Time

Depending on ambient temperature. Between 2 hours and 10 hours

Cooler Handbag Interior

Removable cooler pocket lined with waterproof material, 3mm insulation and an exterior of corresponding polyester, Removable insulated cooler pocket, which clips into place is 30cm L x 11cm D x 23cm H (11.8" L x 4.6" D x 9" H)

Exterior Material

Vegan Leather

Exterior Pocket




Interior Material

Silver Polyester

Interior Pocket

Side zipped pocket, Small and medium open side pocket

Other Features

Removable tassel

Removable Cooler Pocket



43cm W x 16cm D x 29cm H (16.9" W x 6.6" D x 11.4" H)

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