stephanie blush cool tote
handbag cooler bag
stephanie blush cool tote
handbag cooler bag

Stephanie (Blush) Cool Tote


The Cool Tote is the Cooler Bag of the future.

Inside this seemingly normal Handbag is the usual polyester interior. A main compartment, side zipped pocket, and 2 open side pockets.

However this Cool  Clutch Cool Tote Handbag has the unique and patented removable pocket with a 3mm insulated wall and waterproof aluminum foil lining, to will keep the contents either cooler or warmer than the ambient temperature for a few hours. With press studs on each end to hold it in place simply unclip it and pop it into the freezer or fridge.

The removable pocket can either;

• Discretely carry your lunch to work and pop it into the fridge.
• Stylishly take your frozen lunch to work and pop it into the freezer.
• Keep a bottle of wine cool until you get to your BYO restaurant or event.
• Pop in cheese and wine for your next picnic.
• Express breast milk before you leave so that is still warm when you get to the shops.
• Keep your make-up from melting.
• Keep your bottle of soft drink or water cool on a hot day.


Every time I think of this Cool Clutch Cool Tote I blush. ‘Stephanie’ is so pretty that every time I tell her she’s gorgeous she blushes. So, ‘Stephanie’ continues to blush, and will always continue to blush because that is her colour. That is who she is destined to be, destined to look blushable. Love love love to blush and be blush.

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