Three common mistakes we ALL make at Christmas
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Three common mistakes we ALL make at Christmas

Three common mistakes we ALL make at Christmas

We’ve all seen the Facebook posts revealing exactly how many shopping weekends we have left until Christmas. It’s enough to make the most organised shopper go weak at the knees, writing their lists, checking them twice and then wondering how on earth to buy the perfect gift for each and every loved one.

But here’s the thing – we all make the same mistakes each and every year when it comes to Christmas shopping. Let’s take a look at three of the most common time-wasters we all commit to, all in the name of the festive season…


  1. Shopping without a list

This cardinal Christmas sin will have you flustered, empty-handed and with incredibly sore feet. However, rest assured that we’ve all fallen foul of this mistake. How many years have you wandered aimlessly around the shops, hoping for inspiration for the ideal pressie for the person who has everything, when all we really end up with is a very sorry credit card!?

  1. Battling chaotic carparks and department store queues

This one is a killer, but it feels somewhat unavoidable. No matter how organised you are, no matter what time you decide to brave your local shopping mall – you WILL have to endure crazy carpark situations where it feels like a rule-less, free-for-all. Indicators ae no longer respected as a ‘that’s mine’ on a car spot about to open up, pedestrians pop out of nowhere like a Police training exercise and you will inevitably end up doing multiple fruitless laps of that grey, depressing tower with a heart rate off the charts. Once you finally park up and enter your destination, I’m sorry to say that we know things aren’t about to ease up. Missing in action sales attendants, sold out items and queues as far as the eye can see are enough to turn anyone off ever having to do a Christmas shop, ever again. Bah humbug!

  1. Leaving it all to the last minute

That’s right, another favourite mistake we like to make at Christmas time. Putting your head in the sand is not going to make the festivities any easier my friends, in fact, what it will result in is a major seasonal headache. Who really wants to dish out a handful of last-minute vouchers that might as well have ‘I didn’t try and I haven’t really put in any thought’ scrawled across them? Similarly, I for one am totally over spending way too much money on lots of little things that really don’t suit my recipient.

It’s time to learn from our annual mistakes and start a new tradition – it’s time to shop smart!

Not only can you browse our online store from the comfort of your lounge (PJ’s and glass of bubbles optional), you can also find the perfect ‘Lady of Cool Clutch’ for each person on your list. Show your friends and family that you know them well, have put some real thought into your gift choices. Too easy right?!  And you never know, we may have one named after your bestie?

Not convinced that there is a bag for everyone on your list? Check out our suggestions below and see if we can’t convince you otherwise!

Mum – check out Rose for a subtle but feminine tote, or Madi to accompany Mum on her next trip out with girlfriends.

Dad – Think Dad is tricky to buy for? Think again. Sam is on special and perfect for corporate, stylish Dad, who like to carry his laptop with him everywhere he goes.

Bestie – Oooh, where to start with your bestie? Check out Paula, Anita and Vivienne for a perfect everyday Cool Clutch, but be sure to cast your eye over our Travel Clutch Range, ideal for your next girls night out!

Daughter – Depending on the age of your daughter, you might want to take a sneak peek at Jane, a super thoughtful and practical backpack for students who want to take their laptop, lunch and makeup with them every day, or maybe Olivia would be better suited to your socialite, wine-loving apple of your eye?

Teacher – Teachers are notoriously hard to buy for, but I promise you that they don’t need the mug or candle you’ve been considering. If you really want to show your appreciation to your teacher or your child’s teacher, consider a Barbara or a Nicole for a handbag they can carry their apple in during the week, and their Sauvignon Blanc in over the weekend!

Crazy Auntie – We all have that one Aunt or Cousin who is extra fabulous, but who can be especially hard to nail in the present department. Show them how well you know their big personality with a bag that compliments their vivaciousness like Sharyn, Lee or even the stunning Alyson.



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