Travel Bags ~ How to Travel in Style and Comfort
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Travel Bags ~ How to Travel in Style and Comfort

Travel Bags ~ How to Travel in Style and Comfort

It’s a bit of a first world problem really isn’t it, wondering which bag to take away with you on holiday. But it is a problem nonetheless, especially when we have to stay mindful of space and weight in your luggage (because we all know we’re going to be shopping up a storm on holidays, right?!

But here’s the thing – on my recent trip to Malaysia, it occurred to me that actually, it was essential for me to take along a handful of favourite Cool Clutch and put them through their paces!

And so, with the help of four beautiful ladies of Cool Clutch, my trip was not only one I’ll never forget, it was smooth and relaxing and wonderful, because I always had exactly what I needed right there in my bag, from the moment I stepped onto the plane to the moment we landed back on Aussie soil.

So, let me share what I consider to be the essential bags for any holiday to ensure you are never left struggling for space, or wrapping swimmers in towels!

On the Plane – Traveling can be stressful, and usually means days, if not weeks of planning, list writing and collecting all essential documents together in one place. This is the exact reason I knew I had to bring my Alex backpack. I can’t tell you how reassuring it was to have my passport, transfers, wallet, phone and laptop all together in one safe place. I didn’t have to be nervous about carrying my water bottle (hydration is key when flying!) and my travel sized hand cream and moisturiser in the same bag because I knew that the durable insulated pouches would keep everything separate, safe and dry. I like to pack whatever cosmetics and lotions I can into my carry-on luggage to avoid having messy explosions in my suitcase – did I mention that the Alex Backpack complies with standard overhead carry-on luggage regulations? I also packed a handful of travel packs of nuts and dried fruit I bought from the airport in case we felt peckish on the flight, handy to have when you know you are in for the long haul or a red eye flight.

Rest and Relaxation – Whether you are lapping up the Vitamin D poolside, or enjoying a few hours in the day spa, every girl has a handful of items that no holiday would be complete without. I found that my Sophie Large Cool Clutch Tote was the perfect size for me to store my room key, my book, sunscreen, sunglasses and lip-gloss, my towel and sundress, and of course, my purse for spontaneous cocktail purchases! Not only did the compartments mean that everything was kept separate and dry from my drink bottle or wayward splashes, I could also easily grab what I needed in no time. My Sophie’s colour meant I was still looking stylish in my cossie and sarong, my lazy summer dresses, or my robe and slippers at the spa. Total bliss, and absolute convenience. A handy little side note for you regarding the Large Tote ~ this pretty girl is the ideal size to store unwashed laundry in until you can make it to the laundry or head home. Keep smells and moisture at bay and avoid unwanted mixing of dirty vs clean washing in your luggage!


Out and About – Having the right bag while you are exploring exciting new places in so crucial. No one is interested in lugging about oversized, uncomfortable backpacks that leave our shoulders sore and tired. I decided to take my Carol backpack with me while drinking in the sights and sounds of Kuala Lumpur. I’m a pretty experienced ‘packer’ when it comes to travelling, but I never like to be unprepared, so I knew that whatever bag I was to choose, she’d need to be large enough to store everything, but comfortable enough for me to carry her around all day. My Carol bag carried my water bottle, my snacks and lunch items and kept them cool all day long –  a winner for the waistline and on the hip pocket – she also kept my camera and phone safe in a separate compartment, which I felt was hidden far enough in my bag to sit safely on my back without worrying about it being dropped, or worse yet, stolen. I also packed my maps, hotel keys, cash and documents, again, all kept securely private but accessible should I need to access them. What I loved about this bag was that despite it looking and feeling quite petite, I was able to take everything I wanted to on a full day trip out, and my shoulders weren’t sore in the slightest. I received so many comments and compliments on my gorgeous Carol, I think she’s proven that red really is the new black!



Entertainment – So you’ve booked into a lovely restaurant or show and realise you need a beautiful handbag to accompany your outfit and to store your purse, phone and lippy. Enter the Milla Handbag, neutral in colour to match every outfit, and perfectly practical in every way. Milla is the perfect size to take only what you need, on an occasion where your backpack just won’t do. Even better, the Milla is the perfect size to pop a Laptop in if you fancy strolling out to a café and want to do a spot of blogging or browsing perhaps!



Regardless of where you go, who you are going with or what you are planning on packing, a good quality and well thought-out bag really is a girl’s best friend while travelling. Invest in your favourite Cool Clutch Tote or handbag, and see for yourself – we can’t think of a better excuse to start planning your next trip away, can you?! 😉

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